Sunday, November 8, 2009


Seems to me that its a bit unfair that I can't talk to you guys because of my lack of camera. I have some many faithful subscribers and I feel horrid that I can't answer your questions. So look what I did??!!

I made this 'blog' as a way of answering any questions you guys have for me, and now I can answer them anytime! Also, this will be a really easy way to keep you girls and guys updated on whats going on, as well as my usual style of blabbing on about nothing at all. haha.

I've been trying to work on keeping my appearance up now because, you can't be trying to approve your body, and your face and hair look a hot mess! haha. Besides, I think we all want to look our best most of the time right? Anyways.. welcome to my blog! I'm so excited!

It's simple now. Just shoot me some questions to my youtube and look for the answers on here, kay? Can't wait!
~ Manny

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